Upcoming Shows

May 26

Kismet Marina Memorial Day Festival

Sat at 12 pm · Kismet Marina - Kismet, NY

June 23

Live at Pianos Showroom

Sat at 7pm pm · Pianos · New York, NY

Stay tuned for full spring/summer schedule!

The Dirty Vice Band is an eight piece band based out of Bay Shore, on the south shore of Long Island. While many of the members played music together growing up, the band really began (as many bands do) in an unheated garage -- this one adjacent to guitarist Barry Pittman's wood-working shop -- in the winter of 2013. Pittman, drummer Pete Rettaliata, bassist Jim Phelan, and keyboardist Mike Phelan held spontaneous jam sessions that became more and more regular. While they were usually open and welcoming to anybody showing up to play, the band began to take form when rhythm guitarist Jamie Hoyler and lead singer Rayzor Lazor joined the jams. Under the same desire to write original songs and play unique takes on b-side covers, the band began to rehearse more regularly. Their first show came in late May of 2014, at local bar Declan Quinn's, under the name of The Dirty Vice Band. The name and the lineup stuck, and the group enjoyed a successful summer performing mainly on Fire Island. Percussionist Doug Meehan joined in July, and the band grew to seven members. Over the fall and winter of that year, the band converted the garage into a studio and holed up in the "Clubhouse" to develop their original work and tighten up their play as a band. Backup singer Liz Bannon joined in April of 2015 as The Dirty Vice Band grew to eight members, sometimes up to eleven with the addition of horns. After another successful summer, playing everywhere from Fire Island, to Brooklyn, to Rhode Island, the band focused on developing an album, spending the winter of 2015-16 recording and writing more original music. With a plan to release an album within the year, the band embarks on another summer tour, geared up and ready to play anywhere at anytime.

The size of the band has lead to a wide variety of influences, which has produced a unique original sound. With songs that range from rock to funk to soul, mixing in pop hooks and improvisational jamming, it is difficult to put a genre on the band. The band takes pride in this liquid identity, allowing itself to mold and morph around the inspiration of each of the musicians. Their covers can range from David Bowie, to the Grateful Dead, the Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and everything in between. There may not be a fixed genre, but there is certainly an identifiable sound that is The Dirty Vice Band.

Image Credit Patrick O'Brien.